not able to access replay

hi i am not able to access replay it is taking very long time to load and still not loading

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How is your internet connection? I’d try rebooting your router and moving closer to your router. Once you’ve done these things you should restart Infinite Flight and try again.

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the net is good i can play 4k video without buffering


Sometimes a reset of your internet helps though. Give it a try ;)

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okay lets give a try

Yup, sounds good. So the replay file is all of the data from your flight. It’s not an actual video. The app will pull all of this data in and to convert this data it needs an internet connection to stream everything so that it displays on your screen.

i had rebooted and it is still loading

Okay thanks, so now that you’ve refreshed your internet let’s have you close Infinite Flight, and turn off your device. Turn your device back on and relaunch Infinite Flight to try the replay again.

i am reinstalling the game

tried this

There’s a chance that reinstalling will remove those flights that are stored in your replay bin. I would try saving the file that you want to your device or the service of your preference before deleting the app.

Have you tried re-installing the app.

after reinstalling it is again loading

yes i had tried ands it is again loading

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Do any other replays load fine?

replays section is not loading

Ahhh I see now. What device do you have and how much storage do you have available?

my device is redmi note 5 pro and i have 26.3 gb available

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How about flying online, that works fine and you are able to spawn in to an airport just fine in the live servers?

yes it works fine