Not able to access pro?!

So I just got IF Pro for the new A330 update and I logged in into my gmail account, when I sign In then it shows my account, and I again select 1 month Pro subscription and it comes up with a message saying I already have bought it then I get logged out. The money has been taken out, and it’s not letting me use IF Pro. Please Help!

Click I already have an account and try to log in there

Hello there!

Send an email to if you still have problems and they will help you :)

I did, then I try signing for pro again and I get logged out

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This then need a call from the Tech master himself @schyllberg he is probably asleep rn so email and he’ll help you out as soon as he wakes up

Have you tried to reboot your device? This solves many issues including possibly the caching of the subscription data.

Yes I have, no success

Is your account linked to the IFC?

Fixed over email