Not able report pilot on expert

Im not able to report pilots on expert. I thought if we click on plane a report button would pop up by mine is greyed

Just landed on 24 knuc and another pilot a landed un announced on rwy 6

A pilot initiated report requires three reports to ghost. :)


Check out this tutorial which explains how to report someone:


That my point when i click show info does not pop up

Make sure you’re tapping on the words and not the plus or arrow buttons next to it. The two buttons to the right don’t do anything when selecting an aircraft.

I tried all above still no luck. Maybe is trust level ?

I’m not sure then. If you select an aircraft, and then tap on the words, it should bring up an info menu from where you can report. Just to make sure, this is not just happening on the expert server? I assume it’s an all server issue for you.

No. Anyone, including a brand new user that is grade 1, has the ability to report.

Maybe a screenshot would help?

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First time i try but yes i just check and is also on ts1/expert

Show us a screenshot as Mats said. That’ll help us know where you’re at.

This was not the pilot involved so i block name


No image.
Get rid of the extra symbols you placed infront of the text.

You’re at the right place. What happens when you click inside/on that box that you have selected?

Nothing happens

That’s very odd. Maybe it’s a bug. Try restarting your device. Delete and reinstall the app. Worth a try.

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I wont loose my xp ?

Click everywhere on that strip

No. Your account info is stored online. You’ll just log back in once you reinstall it.

Ok I have shout down device. Let me try deleting / installing app

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Still no luck. Ipad 12 pro. Thanks for trying