Not a very major bug
I’m pretty sure it’s only the Cirrus jet but half of the time I open the map the plane starts to shake violently. hope the devs could fix this, cirrus is my favorite GA plane.

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Hey ! Currently dev are working on fix and the 773. Their gonna maybe work on it when they finish

That is a strange issue.

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce it.

Did it happen before the 20.1 update as well?

Can you think of any other information that might help?

Which model iPhone are you using?

Didn’t happen before 20.1 and iPhone 7 although I doubt it’s a device issue

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So do I, but you can never have too much information in these cases. ;)

Also, just in case, did you try force restarting your phone?

iPhone 7 Force Restart

@Voyager456 Can you please tell me via PM how you shared this video with iCloud? Never saw that before

Hey there!

So I just pulled out my iPhone 7 to try to reproduce this bug, but sadly I am unable. Can you get the following things for me (to help me better repro)?

  • Rendering Quality Level
  • Rendering Resolution Level
  • Anti-Aliasing (ON or OFF)
  • Limit Frame Rate (Checked or Unchecked)
  • iOS Version
  • Storage left on phone (Settings—>General—>iPhone Storage)

Very interesting bug for sure. Hopefully we can try to figure this out today and find a root cause and proper repro of it so the Staff and Development Team can look further into the issue :)

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  • Rendering Quality Level: High
  • Rendering Resolution Level: High
  • Anti-Aliasing (ON or OFF) Off
  • Limit Frame Rate (Checked or Unchecked)Checked
  • iOS Version 13.5.1
  • Storage left on phone (Settings—>General—>iPhone Storage)57GB out of 128GB

FYI it only happens half of the time so sometimes the bug may not even show up

Yeah I can’t reproduce on my device. Tried numerous times.

Has anyone else ever experienced this issue?

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