Nostalgic Infinite Flight

I’ve been using infinite flight since 2014. A time when we had to pay to unlock certain aircraft with all the liveries if we didn’t want to pay for pro. I was looking through my google drive and found some screenshots of “flights” I did on Infinite Flight. I was probably 7 or 8 years old when “flying” but I had no idea what I was doing.

Down below are some pictures from older versions of Infinite Flight!

Nose diving near Lake Suzy, FL

I was amazing with the 787 wing flex. First aircraft to feature wing flex, Infinite Flight!

If you have any early version Infinite Flight pictures, attach them below!


tbh i kinda miss the ui without the menus where all the buttons were stacked on top of each other… might just be nostalgia tho


Hey man, nice pictures but you are not allowed to post pictures in the #screenshots-and-videos section with UI included. I recommend next time using the screenshot function in the replay section!

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These were taken like 6 years ago.


I know but the rules are there… other option is cropping

There were Many topics about the old IF which the Buttons were showing… still these got accepted. The feature of taking screenshots in 2016 wasn’t even a thing… (as far as I know lol) so the UI appearence is inevitable. ;)

Anyways, lovely topic. This were Good days lmao

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Ah yes, the good old days where we descended and climbed with a vertical speed of 5,000+ and smacked the airplane to the ground and called it “an amazing landing” those memories will never be forgotten…


Exactly. The screenshot option wasn’t even a thing 7 years ago! Cropping it would not give the nostalgic effect too.

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UI shown