Nose + wings are not connected to the body, B777-300ER

As you can see in the picture below, the nose and wings are not connected to the body of the plane.

Device: iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6S
iOS: Latest
If version: Latest
Plane model: B777-300ER


That is a very minor point. However please check how to file a proper support topic. Please add the device name and operating system. Also if you could show proof that is like it for every plane it would be much more helpful for the Devs to be able to fix it


I’m not sure if its just me, but the raked wingtip on the 787 isn’t aligned properly with the wing.

I still don’t understand why you guys go so far for minor details

There are also a set of magical floating windscreen wipers in the fuselage. They are separate to the ones on the nose, I checked

lol that will not end well

it wouldn’t start well in the first place.

As @Matt_Elphick and @Ninetales said, why do you guys care if the wings, nosed, etc. aren’t attached, place properly, etc., just focus on the outside and the whole. Look at IF as a whole, and appreciate this great flight sim. Suggestion? Minor detail, don’t care about it and enjoy the sim.

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