Nose wheel touching down abruptly

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Also, nice to learn new things about how to have the ultimate landing. I learned a lot of things from this topic.


I found this happening less when I rose the nose up at around 50 feet a little and then even more at 30 feet and then putting the throttles down to idle at 20 feet. I actually did like 10 landings trying to figure out a way how land the plane properly without the front gear slamming into the runway and that is the only way it worked.

Well i always land with full flaps, about 30% trim and at about 140 knts (depends upon the weight). But the nose automatically slams on the ground. This happens more with the 737. Will try a landing at 30 degree flaps and spoilers off with a little bit more speed. On the other hand, the dash 8 lands very smoothly, even in crosswinds!

The smoothest aircraft I fly are all the airbuses, they just glide down.

When you hit your loc, slow down to your slowest practical speed (it will help you touch down at a smoother rate), and if the plane has appr, use it. But after u disable auto pilot and you touch down , dont force the wheels down so hard

Using appr takes all the fun out of landing though!

I never use appr. Yeah it takes all the fun away. And airbuses land smoothly, specially the a320 in comparison to the 737. Another problem is the rudder as its linked with the nose wheel, makes the job really hard sometimes. :P

1. this should be in #support
2. Have you tried calibrating your aircraft before the flight?
3. Make sure to land at the correct landing speeds. A320 should be around 130 - 135 knots while the 737 should be at 125 - 130 knots.
4. Have the correct pitch. Your pitch should be at about 5-7 degrees. Here is a topic that might assist you further with pitch: What is pitch? note that pitch relies on your landing speed ^
5. If all else fails, try a restart of your device.

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@Rajdipta_De. MaxSez: wanna cure your slamdown nose gear problem. See Today’s Topic; “Round Out & Flair”… Your welcome for the cure to your persistent Pilot Error. Regards, Max

As pointed out by JRRaviation, this is a recognized thing. I wouldn’t say its an issue because its something that we’ve had for quite some time. With that being said, in my opinion, this thread doesn’t warrant to be in the #support category.

DeerCrusher’s Investigation Findings: Don’t land with spoilers armed on the Boeing 737 and Airbus A319-A321 series aircraft. The nose won’t slam down to the pavement if they’re not armed. If you want to keep them armed, just as the main gear touches down and you notice the nose coming down, briefly pull back as if you were taking off and it will damper the affects of the nose slamming down. It just takes practice.


But that doesn’t happen with me. I have always landed them with spoilers armed and never have I had a problem…

You’re probably landing too fast then. I notice the faster you land the less evident it is. But if you land closer to the actual landing speed for those given aircraft, it’ll happen.

Last comment before I take this to PM so it doesn’t clog up the topic and violate the community guidelines. I usually land the 737 at 125-130 knots depending on the wind. I always seem to be in full control, and I never land hard. I have always landed back gear first and then at a 7 degree pitch slowly bring the nose gear down.

actually I would land 10k above landing speed because you never know if he stalled as spoon as his wheels touched the ground, so when he is 10k above landing speed he can have a smooth retard

10 knots above landing speed is like going 10 knots above the speed limit on the freeway. Would you really want to explain that to a police officer or in this case, your ATC operator?

i usually come in at 135 to 140 and keep sightly pulling up letting the wheel touch naturally to avoid slamming it down.

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I wanted more smoother landings. However this was at zero wind conditions.

You are landing with AP switched on. This isn’t recommended when trying to parallel realism. Please have a look at the tutorials for landing with and without APPR.

I highly recommend that some folks venture in the link below. Happy watching and flying ;)

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