Nose wheel steering disconnect

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that the nose wheel steering is actually a important part in making the simulator more realistic, pilots should be able to disconnect the nose wheel steering after lining up on the runway this will make it feel more realistic
Please let me know what you think and if this feature should be added to infinite flight.


Hello there mate! Love this idea. But if you want to request something for addition in Infinite Flight, it must be done in #features.

We appreciate your post, your engagement and your idea, but you have to be TL2 to post in features as you are TL1. Keep liking, reading, posting and following guidelines and you will get there quickly!

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Right forgot about that

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Perhaps if you don’t mind posting my idea into the features thread?

I’m busy at the moment, sorry. I’m sure the request will be free for you to post once you earn the required TL.

Ok no worries

Pilots don’t disconnect the nose wheel steering on the runway. The only time you would disconnect the NWS is to do a control surface check. Disconnecting the nose wheel steering would be fatal, as you wouldn’t be able to correct it if you started going off the runway.


Really, i was under the impression that they use pedal disconnect when landing so that the nose wheel isnt turning when they use the rudder for corrections on landing.

Nope! When you use the rudder pedals, you don’t actually turn the nose wheel more than 6 degrees in either direction.

You see, in real life you have got two different ways of turning the nose wheel. The rudder pedals are normally used for small corrections, like during takeoff and landing. The rudder pedals only move the nose wheel 8 degrees in either direction.

Additionally, pilots used something called a tiller, which is an independent system which only moves the nose wheel, this can rotate the nose wheel up to 74 degrees.

So naturally, pilots use the tiller on the ground for steering and turning, and the pedals for small corrections. :)


right got ya

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