Nose wheel on most aircraft and 787 tail strike glitch

On most aircraft when you brake hard or hit ground hard the nose wheel goes through the ground. This makes the plane look extremely Un realistic especially for very windy landings. And on all the 787 when you pull back on the yoke even at 40 knots the tail hits the ground causing tail strike. This has been making me bonkers. Can you guys fix it please

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I believe that the 1st 3 photos are glitches from the replay mode. Even when I butter, this still happens.

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Can IF fix it

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I am not sure but I am pretty sure that they are working on it.
Although, don’t get high hopes because I am not 100% sure…

Happens to me when I take off and it frustrates me

It’s been a known glitch for like ages now dont worry

This is a known issue.

Whenever I land with Cirrus and apply brakes, the plane turns 360 degrees and sliding through the runway and I stop in an artistic way.

The first issue is because you broke the nose gear. Because IF doesn’t have damage physics, that’s how FDS modelled the broken nose gear.

The last one is because you’re pulling too hard on the controls at a too low speed. Take off at higher speeds, and you shouldn’t tailstrike the plane.

You can’t tail strike at 40 knots in real life

And you can’t takeoff in a 777 at such low speeds. Takeoff at higher speeds and you won’t tailstrike.

757 nose wheel has already been noted.

787… Behold! Realism

I’d believe it. If 40kts can lift the nose of a 78, then 70kts can lift the nose of the old queen