Nose wheel not stopping

I noticed that for most aircraft, upon takeoff, if you apply brakes, the body wheels stop but the nose wheels don’t and they keep spinning until you select gear up. Since its a moving bug, I’m not sure he to display it in a screenshot

On most aircraft I’m pretty sure you have to tap the brakes for the wheels to stop moving before you put them up. And you really don’t have gear out much longer than 10-15 seconds after takeoff so it shouldn’t be a huge deal


Agree. It really doesnt impact anything. Plus one could argue the forward wind could be spinning the wheel as well since it was already started from the takeoff.


Agreed. There are many reasonable factors as to why the nose wheel keeps spinning after rotation.

Don’t planes have wheel brakes only on MLG’s wheels (which located under the wings)?

Because they are so greasy from my previous landings?


When you are rotating your at such a high speed that when you lift its gonna start spinning just a toy car image that. You are gonna make the car go fast how do you do that, you gonna move your hand quickly forward with the car in your hand that increases speed it stops when there is not more momentum going to cars wheels. Like a plane going faster, finally it rotates and and the wheels are still spinning because of how fast you going it does not take a break. It will eventually stop moving after you put the gear up. Does that make sense. :) or you could just say upon takeoff wind is coming against the airplane and then the wheels are hit with the high-speed winds. Like @Chris_S said

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@Chris_S Well, there’s one reason… 🛬

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