Nose wheel bounce?

Wonder if I’m doing something wrong here…

When I land a B737-700, all looks good. Nice touchdown on the main gear, but when the nose wheel touches, it bounces slightly. It looks to only be a little but I can detect air space between the tire and the runway for a split second.

Should the nose wheel “stick” on first contact or is the bounce normal?


I think its normal.


The harder you set down the nose of the aircraft, the more it will bounce. This is a property in both Infinite Flight and real life


If you don’t want it to do this, only deploy armed spoilers after all gear have touched down rather than them automatically deploying upon touchdown.

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Do following :
Set spoiler
Set gear

When touchdown :
Pull slightly up
Set breaks
Set reversers

It does look realistic, that’s for sure. Not like a hobby horse or anything like that…

I do set spoilers to “arm”. When I flare, the main gear lands and I just hold the yoke until the nose gear touches. I was wondering if I’m missing a step in between.

Good thing my crew are belted in for landing!

This is known to happen with planes, real and in game, if you touch with brakes activated. They pull from underneath the plane, pulling the nose down. Also, to reduce this/eliminate it, once rear gear is down, do another flare if you want to call it, to slow your rotation speed just before the wheel touches.

That’s actually what I was thinking. I hold the yoke steady until the main gear touches and by then the spoilers have deployed. I’ll try to add a bit more flare after to slow the nose gear touchdown. I’ve seen video of airliners slowly lower the nose while landing, almost like a second landing - mine don’t seem to do that.

I recall the Space Shuttle landings where Mission Control (or whoever) would count down the main gear touchdown AND the nose gear touchdown. Truly, two “landings”.

Funny thing is I try to imagine how a passenger or crew would feel during my IF landings. That’s why I leave the “fasten seatbelt” light on. :)

Gotta give credit to Charleston. That seems to solve it!

Don’t arm the spoilers. Set the main gear down and then slowly pitch forward and the nose gear will gently settle down - No bounce!

As soon as the nose gear sets down, then a swipe on the spoilers control activates them and all is good.

Thanks! Very realistic looking landing too.

I think the softest manual landings you can get are from the A380. Even after spoilers armed before touchdown. Don’t arm the brakes until the main gear is down though.

Aren’t they armed when the aircraft slows down to 70kts?

I’m not sure how it works IRL, all I know is they have auto brakes set, which I assumed they activate once the main gear touches down. Maybe I’m wrong, if so, my bad 😁

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I’ve looked it up, they do activate immediately after touchdown until the pilot presses the pedals to start manual braking or pushes the throttle for a go around 😉

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