Nose up

Why is nose of 787-9 is upper than tail while I’m flying on 15.000 ft 320 knots

This is a normal occurrence. It happens in the real world and in IF. :)

Take a look:


But what if for example on 32.000 feet with same speed? Will it be the same with nose?

Yes it will be.

I don’t know about the specifics, all I know is that the nose pitches up while cruising and it’s completely normal.

The 787 should pitch up. It’s when it pitches down that is when to worry.


But on a319 that is not so remarkable

What do you mean exactly?

When I’m on a319 or 318 on 15000 or 32000 the nose is not pitching up so much

Every aircraft will have a nose up pitch
The angle of pitch will vary by aircraft though

That’s fine. The nose shouldn’t be pitching up more than 5°.

Boeing design there aircraft to pitch up about 3 degrees during cruise while Airbus don’t

this is while inbound

What degree flaps?

Use the flap speed cards in the 787 to work out the correct speed for flaps

No flaps at the moment

At 209 kts you should have 15 degrees flaps

Thats why the nose is pitched so high


The nose pitches up some in all jets. It’s just that in some it is more noticeable (like on the 777 or 787) while others it’s a very slight angle and is not very noticeable (like on the 737 or A320 family).

This should really be in support. Anyway use the flap speed cards in the cockpit to use correct flap speeds.