Nose Up

How do you get your nose up when you are landing a 777-300ER without going up in altitude.

3/4 flaps approach at 170 kts airspeed. At 500 ft alt reduce to 160kts flare at 50ft

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For me it’s full flaps 155kts, over the threshold at 50 feet and flaring at around 10 feet. At that airspeed the plane won’t go up when you flare. Once I get over the threshold power to idle.

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I suggested 170kts for learning as it is easier to recover if you are not perfectly aligned. Below 500ft you are committed thats why I power down (Autopilot off < 500ft)


Why should you be committed below 500 feet? You can even make a go around when you touch the runway. A go around can be initiated until the reversers are pulled.

Your nose should be maybe 2-3 degrees up, maybe a bit more which you can initiate during the flare if needed.

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Obviously you are going too fast.