Nose up

The nose

of any aircraft note (usually the bigger ones 757 and up have a tilt for me. Even when I’m flying in a straght line
I have ajusted the weight and balance and still nothing changes I would love some help.


757 is an old model, thats why.

Along with A330, A340, 717, 757, 767, C17, and Super D.


And this is on autopilot, correct?

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Yes sir it happens to me when I am flying as well

It happens to me on the 777 737 787 and some other slightly newer models as well

By how much would the nose be up?

PHO I’m sorry I don’t know what that is could you tell me. Or I might of forgotten😴I’ve slept since then

Every aircraft with leading edge slats will usually have a pit from 4-10 degree pitch… The highest pitch of an aircraft i have seen is on the 787… 8-10 degrees i think correct me if im wrong