Nose up while flying

I always flying like this every time is it normal or is there any tips that I can fly while the nose can keep it straight?

What are your weight and height settings? Also speed.

It looks like you’re too heavy too high and/or too slow.

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A nose-up attitude in cruise is normal for turbojet aircraft. Different airframes will pitch to different angles, but this is not uncommon


Yes its normal. However, if you are flying at too high of an altitude early on in a long haul flight, you are likely too heavy to be at that altitude and this would not be normal. In other words, your aircraft is struggling to maintain altitude at a lower air density. At the end of this reply are two great tutorials that would help reduce this significant nose up pitch.

How to combat this:

  • Plan for less fuel, passengers or cargo. Fuel tanks do not always need to be topped off for a short flight.
  • Trim. Trim the aircraft in cruise and this will help out your fuel economy as well as cruising speeds.



DeerCrusher is right, this is most likely due to trim and weight and balance.

A really interesting thing I found is the pitch on some jets most notably the 787. You can in minor ways control the how much fuel you use. For example if you feel you are too heavy you can fly at for example Mach 0.80 instead of Mach 0.82. This will have an impact on fuel economy.

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