nose tilts down on short final

Using the correct amount of trim will prevent this from happening. The correct amount differs by aircraft and speed. There is a trim tutorial somewhere here on the IFC if you want to read more.

Lots of good advice here. Personally I disengage AP at about 6nm out before I put down the wheels and full flaps etc. Then I trim and stablise the approach. Leaving it too late will lead to conflict.

The speed shouldn’t affect that, just turn the speed off at 50 or when your flaring.

OMG this was the question i always wanted to ask pre 19.1!!! Put me off flying the 737-800 awhile back because I crashed on this very issue.

I always kept an “auto-thrust” active right to the very end, even to this day and the crash only ever happened ONCE and am still baffled and scared to this day because I could not reproduce it - because I couldn’t understand why.

SPD 150, Flaps full, Minimums (100-200ft) on final.

I don’t remember whether the nose tilted down, it just went WHAM! Downwards. Shocking. Hours of flight finished just like that. Okay, so now I might be able to find out why by trying to “adjust” parameters to have a nose down effect on A/P SPD deactivating. Thanking you for that detail (the nose down)!!.

Guys it seems like the trim is doing the trick. Thank you all

even though the situation seems solved, I usually turn off autopilot once I’m in the final approach cone (Or the glide slope) Which also gives me enough room to correct the pitch change that turning off the autopilot does and really gives you lots of time to correct any handling errors.

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ok thanks I am disengaging autopilot now 5nm out

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