Nose Problems in the a321

I have trouble flying the a321, the nose keeps going up and down, how can I prevent this. I’ve tried different weights but nothing helps.

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Known issue with the a321 no fix yet as

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Sigh, just don’t understand why they haven’t fixed it yet, and keep updating the new plane.
I would prefer them to focus more on fixing the bugs…

Yes, this bug is getting really annoying. I was once flying from MSP to ATL in the DL A321, later to descend and see it’s glitching out.

Seriously, the plane will be no better if you don’t fix the bugs.

I find it odd that I have never encountered this issue. I’ve seen it being mentioned numerous times over and over again by people who experience this but I haven’t had any such problems with the A321.

My question is: Is this a problem that everyone faces or are there a few selctive people like me who have escaped to face the issue?

Because I have monitored many of my A321 flights for 30mins or more sometimes, just to confirm that I don’t have the Issue and I can say I don’t for some odd reason, but good reasons as well… :/


I for sure face this quite often. Usually 20% of my A321 flights end up with this, but my solution is descending or ascending, it tends to go away.



Welp, i’m the complete opposite. Whenever i descend or ascend if i’ve been cruising , this glitch happens.

100% every time this happens.


Works for me. Anyways, it shouldn’t happen, hopefully it is fixed soon. Lol I love watching the severe wing flex tho

The same goes for me like @Captain_JR said

I never have problems with the A321 and is actually one of my favorite aircraft to fly.
I don’t see the airplanes nose dipping down during any phase of the flight or decent like the notorious 752. Im wondering if this a glitch or just the way people fly the A321.

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To be honest, i don’t give a balloon about the wing flex.

All i care is for staff to fix this issue as it’s getting annoying.

where r u staff team


Don’t worry, they’ll get it done. They have lots of issues with the TBM as well, so many things on their plate. Don’t be surprised if it is not in the next update either.

This has been documented many times, because it doesn’t happen to everyone and it doesn’t happen every time it is hard to reproduce and fix.

I also have the same problem, affects not only A321 but 77W and Dash-8 are also notoriously bad. Speeding up seems to make the problem less annoying. There has been also some suggestion that the problem is created when you change sensitivity settings on the device. I use “low” settings, some other people mentioned they do the same - I haven’t been able to confirm that, but - it may be a hint as to why some people have issues and some don’t.


I can say that I do have had issues with the 77W in particular before, although not so much anymore. But sometimes I get this worried feeling that, “Oh, now something might or is about to go wrong…”, but luckily it doesn’t.

We went as far as flying together - schyllberg and I - same altitude and speed - I was going up and down, he was steady as a rock… we spent several hours trying to figure this out without much success…


wow that’s interesting
if that’s what happened this is probably an issue with the game that happens to users occasionally but it’s strange cause i and some other users have never experienced that.

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Think that’s why there’s been no fix as yet as it doesn’t happen to everybody

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Most of the issues I’ve had with the 777 family has been due to overweight flight, and not been step climbing.

But I must say, The 777 being one of my absolute favorites, the one I’ve flown the most of when counting Flight Hrs, I can say I’ve seen good and bad. And the bad is, for some reason unlike real life, the 777 isn’t able to keep steady at 35000ft when climbing to that altitude initially although the IRL flight dows that, it keeps going up and down as you mentioned. That’s the only issue I have but it’s nothing serious on my end and I can live with it although very unrealistic and somewhat annoying at times. Feels like the plane is gonna stall at some ponit and drop to the ground.

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Agreed it doesnt seem to affect everyone however ive not experienced this unless ive set flaps with too high an indicated airspeed

Something else that will contribute but appreciate it may not be the root cause

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That could be the reason. I guess a large portion of us pilots don’t experience this while a good amount of people actually do and I can understand that it’s annoying to have to fly with the plane going up and down throughout the whole flight.

Video with the HUD is the best way to track it down. That way we can see trim, speed, alt, etc.

Airplane load would be nice in the status bar if possible.

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