Nose pitches up when setting altitude

When I set my altitude all of a sudden my nose wheel points up which Has made me crash And got me multiple violations?


try controling vertical speed about 2000~3000
when descending about 1000~1300.
the violation might be about stall and falling from the sky which gains you speed and made a over speed violation


Thanks for the support message. If you’re referencing takeoff, try taking off manually to gradually increase your vertical speed. Once you have a positive rate of climb, set the altitude AP and it will also lock your current rate of climb. This will ensure there is no rapid increase in the nose coming. Be sure you check out our awesome takeoff tutorials found in the #tutorials category. Please let me know if we can do anything else to assist!


you can also go to infinite flight youtube (look carefully) and see tutorials

I’ve had this issue as well.

I can be climbing at a “normal” vs & then when I select an alt on the left hand side ap panel the nose rises rapidly or falls if I select a lower alt than I am currently at.

Haven’t been able to recreate it consistently which leads me to believe its a user error over something else but I’ll have a play today and see what I can get & screen record/ screen shot it.

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@SpiritA319 and @D_Gee, have you tried simply recalibrating ?

that is just a bug it does that so don’t touch anything it will fix it itself.
touching flaps and trim would be more critical when you just pressed alt butten

Is what I have outlined above not what the OP has said? I’m not talking about when I disconnect from the AP. This is once I already have the ac climbing on AP, not when I engage/disengage the AP

@Kevin I was under the impression that when AP was on calibration had no bearing. I can calibrate my device when its flat on the ground and the AP won’t change. It will only be an issue when I disconnect from the ap

or you just left vs unset and press alt that could lead to huge a number of vs

The VS automatically sets when you press ALT.

Your missing the point

I’m climbing at 1500 fpm with the VS locked.

I already have my target alt locked in at 5000 ft.

I change 5000 ft to 10,000ft and the nose pitches up while the AP VS stays at 1500 fpm in the box.

what i think is a bug than. there is no way that you can get that result

just had a test flight nothing happened

As I said, I haven’t been able to repo it consistently. Which makes me think its more a user error than a bug, as outlined in my original comment -.-

So you recalibrate before disconnecting autopilot…

Not generally, no. If I put my tablet down I recalibrate when I’m wings level. Where is this going?

This issue happens when AP is activated. Nothing to do with disabling AP.

Ok so here is what I’m gathering from your post. You set the VS without setting your speed. As the aircraft gets higher it requires more thrust to maintain the same VS and attitude. As the speed decreases the nose raises to maintain the set VS until you stall. Even if you set the speed this can still happen. Pitch for speed throttle for altitude. Use this same principle with the auto pilot, and I bet you don’t have this problem anymore.

hmmmm it can be possible

The nose will pitch up or down when activating or deactivating if you’re not trimmed properly.

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That’s because the a/p sets the vs on 250 when you were aproaching 5000ft, when you turn the ALT to FL110 te a/p set the vs to the ones you set before, that’s make you to go form vs250 to (ej;) vs2000