Nose Pitch

Hello, is it normal that the nose of my plane is a little bit high during cruising? or are there techniques that I can do to fix it?

What aircraft are you flying?

It is normal; however, it shouldn’t exceed 5 degrees at most.

Boeing 787-10

how can I check if it is above or below 5 degrees?

In your HUD view, each green line represents 5 degrees of pitch. The long line in the middle is 0 degrees. At cruise, you should not be above the first upper green line (the shorter one right above 0 degrees)


Utilizing trim is a great way to keep your plane in good shape, whether it’s at cruise, takeoff, landing, climb, or descent. Adjust the percentage so that the purple bar doesn’t appear anymore. If the purple bar is indicating towards the bottom of the trim tab like in the above picture, you want more positive trim. Vice versa for the other way around


Thank you! this really helped me.


Adding on, I find that the 787 family cruises with their noses pitched higher than most other aircraft in the sim, not sure why, maybe someone can clarify?

It’s most likely due to the plane being older and the physics of it not being quite accurate, much like the 747 family.


The 787 is much newer than the 747 family. It’s most likely just a characteristic of the model


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