nose pitch going down when descending airbus

Could someone please help me with the nose pitch going down when I descend slowly!

So I was flying the airbus a380 from lax to Abu Dhabi on Etihad airways, my fuel was at 86% and I had 598 passengers and low cargo.

when there was about 45 minuets left till I land I started to descend from 40,000ft at 300-500vs but my nose pitch was going down a lot. I tried reducing my throttle but my speed was at 260kts. my flaps were retracted as well.

I then read online that if I use the trim then that should help me, so while I was descending I put my trim to 40-60% but there was still no change it was still the same my nose pitch was down on the flight display

could someone please help me, or am I dong something wrong as this looks really unrealistic and annoying


Why were you so heavy? You should be below MLW before descending.

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That sure was a lot of fuel there you carried, although not really sure if it can cause the nose pitch down drastically.

I was only heavy because the flight was 16 hours and I had 86% but closer to when landing I started a fuel dump and I was already under MLW

ive had a glitch when ill be flying straight and level and then the plane just descends to the ground like 2000ft per min.
I take off auto pilot and no matter how i pitch up the plane still drops to the ground.

IDK if we are experiencing the same thing.