Nose landing gear goes underground upon a hard landing

80% of the times that you have a hard landing the front gear will end below the terrain, i don’t know how to explaing it, maybe this helps: (sorry but is edited with microsoft paint)

This happens when you touch the ground (roughly) with the front gear first.

It’s not a bug, do some practice trying to land as smoothly as you can with the main landing gear first :)


This happened to me when I first began learning how to land, I think it simulates a landing gear collapse. If you land really hard evenly, the main landing gear can collapse too

I think it’s a bug. These both happened when I had the main gear on and then the front. Both were soft controlled landings. Sometimes it happens when I’m just taxiing.

Interesting. I’ve had it happen to me before but only during a crazy uncontrolled landing

I was reading on another post similar to this topic, and IF said it is a known bug and will be fixed, but this was back in July.

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Than I guess it’s a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet.

I get this all the time when I do a sharp turn with the A321.

I’ve yet to have that happen to me when doing a sharp turn, but yet is the key word. It’s only frustrating for me when I get it on a landing. I don’t gain any XP when that happens.

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It happens when I’m in heavy winds and come down too hard… It’s weird that it collapses while taxiing… is it something to do with your load settings?

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Normal load settings, but It’s usually when I’m playing around in the offline or online playgrounds. I brought it back up because from what I was reading. This was supposed to be fixed in one of the latest updates. Both my screenshots were from today.

It will do this whenever you push the yoke to far forward while taxiing.

Also if you replay the landing in the wing view,you can hear tire screeches. I don’t know why that feature was taken out😐

Might be from very fast reactions, depending on your speed. I know that before the 747 got updated, the nose gear often collapsed because I made rapid movements with my rudder (hard right for example).

On a separate note, the A321 is SUPER sensitive. I cannot seem to land it over max landing weight (even though I shouldn’t anyway) without “crashing” (that is, the main gear collapses upon touchdown and screen says “crash!”) or turn safely without dropping (like the 747 I mentioned above).

Hi i’m the one that created this thread, yes, i was a novice, so it happened because a wrong landing, but, i like to simulate emergency landings too, and it will happen if there is a irregularity on te terrain, so you can thing yeah of course if you land over mounds of dirt (don’t know how to say it in english but i think you understand) is obvious that you will destroy the gear and maybe that’s the way it works, but, it happened that i did a nice emergency landing on a flat surface and just in the last meters (notice that the aircraft is braking so the speed is decreasing) with a speed of 10 knots i.e. and you end braking over a slope that gear bug will happen, also on strong winds when you are taxing as some people said here. and i want to add something more that i hope some developer reads and fix, when you are landing (this time in the correct way :D) with strongs winds and gusts, as soon as your gear touch the runway you can’t control the direction of the aircraft, so the wind makes it go crazy and also many times happens that thing with the gear. (I have decoupled the ailerons and the rudder) and some times it thinks it is still on air so you can do a little bit of correction on the direction but when the gusts hits it goes crazy again

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