Nose gear when landing

Ive been having this problem ever since i have started to playing and ive wondered (for me anyway) why the nose wheel comes straight down after landing. I have done a smooth landing and cant keep the nose gear up. Maybe its something to do with the weight? I pull up as much as i can and it fails to stay up. Please can someone tell me my mistake?
Nose wheel problem: - YouTube


Your lacking pitch. Pitch is determined by your aircraft’s speed upon landing. You should always land at a pitch between 5-7%. Have a look here:

This might be your issue. Plus your throttle reduction was too early hence your -480 fpm touchdown rate


As said above, there seems to be an issue with the A320 family where the nose drops immediately after the spoilers come up. I know it’s unrealistic, but to resolve this, arm your spoilers after the nose wheel touches the ground.

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Thank you, at what feet should i retard, i did it at 30 feet.

Ill try this, thank you

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You should flare at 20 feet above the ground. Don’t exceed a 7 degree pitch or you will most-likely tail strike.

Around 20 feet

Akaik A320 goes 50, 40, 30, 20, then it goes retard, retard.

Not sure if your flare is too early. We’ll solve this step by step

Ok will do, was 130 knots ok?

Anywhere between 135-140 knots with flaps 3. Your flaps settings is gonna depend on the runway length.

Even in following correct flight parameters, your nose will still drop suddenly upon touchdown. You could try trimming for less of a drop.

So was 4 degrees ok or should it be more

4 degrees is a little low. Aim for 5 degrees most of the time. Scratch what I said with 7 degrees, that is for takeoff.

Dont really understand trim apart from when my calibration is messed 😂

Its because of your spoilers, sometimes I try landing without spoiler (I know that its unrealitstic) but it gives me a really smooth landing

Ah ok, is this problem only with the a320 family?

Should i arm them at all then?

Yeah typically. Sometimes I have the spoiler issue with the 737 series.

Ill try with some other aircraft

No, just no spoilers. And when your nose gear slowly touches the ground, then you can turn your spoilers into armed to reduce speed.