Nose gear steering failure on landing

That is scary !!! :o


This should be in Real Life Aviation.

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ooops sorry, fixed it.

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Change it !


To be sure that we keep this community organized, I change your Topic to Real Life Aviation

Regards !

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That’s scary, especially in a crosswind.

I can’t change it, I’m not a regular.

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I changed it already? 😅

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I know :-) I just wanna to tell you that I have Change it 😂

You’re my assistant now ;-)

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Confusing… It’s in the right category now, so let’s discuss the actual video haha😂😂


Like what happens to many landings where you never get to taxi straight after touchdown in IF… Glad the pilot(s) managed to turn in back to the centre!

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Thats me in every crosswind landing… I can never stay on the center line

It’s hard. But that’s not the topic here… Seems the nose gear steering has failed

The steering is fine it’s just the wind that pushed it to the side

You watch Flugsnug? He’s my favorite aviation YouTuber!

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