Nose Gear Slamming Down When Landing. What am I doing wrong?

It seems that whenever I land (any plane) my nose gear slams down after the main gear is on the runway. I’ve tried fixing with trim, and deploying spoilers once on the ground, but it hasn’t helped. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong with my landings?

Thanks Everyone :)

Make sure you don’t have the brake on when landing.


Maybe you are landing to fast or to hard or the aircraft is old.

Do you Flare before you land?

I don’t apply brakes until I’m done reverse thrust, which I don’t apply until all gear is down

Yes I do, possibly over flare?


  • Don’t land with the brake activated. This will cause this. Try applying the brake after the nose is down.
  • Try landing with a little bit of trim up.
  • After touchdown, try counteracting the aircraft’s desire to go nose down by applying the elevator up

When you land, you have to keep the amount of flare you had and slowly but surely make the nose come down.

Most have my Landon’s are rather soft, and I’ve tried landing faster and slower.

What aircraft are you flying?

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I don’t think it’s the Plane. But I don’t know.

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That’s what I try, but even when I pull up wayyy more than what should be needed it still slams down before proceeding to bounce

Can you record your landing?

Ease the weight on the nose wheel.

I have this problem with the A321, a380, 717, and the 747 which I am sometimes able to control the flare with, but still slams down more often then not

Is there a recording kind of thing in the app?

What weight is your aircraft at when landing. Also, where does this happen. Does this happen on solo and live, or somewhere specific? (Mods or Regulars, might want to change this to support)

On Android, yes. Not all devices tho.

I do all except the flaps, I’ll have to try that :)

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You can record your screen on some Androids, or using a 3rd party app, or QuickTime Player on your Mac if you have an iPhone, if you’re looking to record the issue you’re having. If you do plan to record it, make the yoke visible if it isn’t already so we can see your inputs as well