Nose Gear slamming down after touchdown

Whenever I land a plane included in the a320 family, the Nose Gear always slams down after the main gears touch the ground, but when I fly other airliners, I seem to not have any issue with the Nose Gear, Is this a problem with the physics of the plane or am I doing something wrong?

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I also have this issue in the A320 Family. The one way to mitigate it is to trim your aircraft a bit. Secondly is to pull back a bit when you touch down to make the nose go down just that little bit slower so it doesn’t immediately slam.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you!! I actually pull back after the main gears touchdown yet the plane still slams down but I never tried using trim so I’ll try it out!

It’s really just a problem with the A320 family in IF. It used to be even worse. These techniques only really come in handy when the wind is calm. In strong crosswinds, you should probably just accept the nose gear slamming into the ground.

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Do you have APPR engaged at the time of touchdown? I’ve notice that because of the other actions with APPR that if you have it enabled on touchdown it will cause your plane to brake more causing the nose to slam. If so, try landing without it.

Depends if the APPR is engaged. Also set your trim to the correct levels before landing. Another option is once your rear gear touchdown, raise the elevator slightly to control the front gear touching down.

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I know is not realistic, but landing without arming the spoilers will prevent the nose gear from slamming down.


Nope, I disengage my autopilot at around 500 - 1000 feet agl but I keep autothrottle on until about 300 feet agl

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