Nose Gear/Rudder Trim Independent Movement

I looked for a topic similar to my idea but didn’t find anything.

Here’s the idea:
The actual nose gear moves with the rudder trim, thing that makes you move a lot or even lose control of your plane while on landing and takeoffs. The situation that it causes is that when you are fighting the winds during landing when touching down with the nose gear while having the trim turning left the aircraft moves quite abruptly and can cause you loose of control, and talking about the takeoffs, you cannot fight the winds like in real life because if you move the trim you move the front wheel too… quite unrealistic lol.
My point is to have separate sticks for moving the nose gear and the other one for the trim for avoiding abrupt movements during landing or takeoff.
In the picture below you can see the difference between IF and Real Life.
Image Source
Irl When you do full left turn on the trim with the nose gear on the ground it moves just a bit to the left while on IF if you move the trim a little bit to the left, it makes a very abrupt turn to the left and can even cause you an accident.
What are your thoughts?

Good idea, I agree with this, I never thought such a thing!


I agree, the rudder can be very deadly sometimes if not handled properly and even the slightest mistake can change the whole direction of the plane.


Or perhaps the nose gear can be disconnected from the rudder trim above say 60knts. For example, during takeoff roll, when making adjustments to keep on centerline, the nose gear will move with the rudder trim (like it does now), but only until 60knts, where the nose wheel will no longer rotate and only the rudder will move when using the slider. During landing this would fix the issue you were saying(the plane jerking to the side when nose touches down) as the nose wheel won’t move. Once slowed below 60knts, it will activate again.

I think this would be better than adding another slider for the steering as it would keep the interface clean.


I can’t speak for every plane but I have a type rating in the E-Jet so I know how that system works (most transport category aircraft work the same. The rudder and nosewheel are always connected (unless you push the disconnect button, but that’s only for pushback) but the amount of movement is based on airspeed. There is a tiller that is used to control the nose wheel on taxi however during takeoff as airspeed builds the amount of control is diminished until you are steering the nose wheel with only the rudder pedals. For you guys having control problems during crosswind landings it just takes practice and experience to get it right. The way we do it IRL is we crab all the way down to the runway (wings level, nose into the wind) and at the last second during the flare, use the rudder to line the nose up with the runway. It’s not a skill you can master in 1 or 2 flights, it takes practice. Just keep trying, you will get it.