Nose gear collapse

I was flying on the dc10 on SOLO when on takeoff roll at KORD with 100% n1, the nose gear suddenly went down and collapsed. This is the first appearence or this to me. The nose gear collapsed around 152 kias, 25 kt crosswing to the right of the plane. This is just a rare occorance and I would like to inquire about how to prevent this, if anyway to do so. Thanks!

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Follow Mark’s tutorial if you haven’t already ;).

He wasn’t landing. :)

I watched that.
I was going straight down the runway at 152 kias about to rotate

What was your weight?

His load is 37% well below the MTOW.

Could the crosswind make a difference?

A crosswind can make a difference

Could it collapse my nose gear? That is what I mean.

If your weight was below MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) you really dont need excessive speeds for take off, you need lower speeds as you’re lighter. This has happened to me before were I was really light but was going to fast on takeoff roll and my gear began to collapse ;).

Hope this helps,

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