Nose drop after spoilers deploy (A320)

I have noticed that the nose on the A320 family drops immediately after touchdown, even without brakes and with a good flare. This happens much faster than in real life. My solution is to manually deploy the spoilers after touchdown, but this is less realistic. Why does this happen?


Because you deployed the spoilers, just like you said in the title.

Never have had that issue I can typically hold it off for quiet some time. What’s your landing configuration?


I know, but irl the spoilers deploy, and the pilots can keep the nose off the ground for a while.

This is a known issue…

Flaps full, spoilers armed, brakes off until ~75k, weight ~52,000 kilos.

What’s your landing speed

Between 135 and 138 knots.

put trim 10% when landing for non MLW…if u fly with MLW put trim 20%-30% when landing…it will help Nose up… :)


But you said you already found the solution yea?

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I suppose so, but it still seems like a problem with the aircraft modeling, as it is not realistic.

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English my three number language

Ok if you say so…

Ground Effect no like you 😜

If you deploy your spoilers and flaps recklessly and at high speeds or descents, while on autopilot, expect a reckless response from the aircraft.


It’s the opposite in real world: nose tends to pitch up due to the airflow passing over the deployed spoilers.


Spoilers act like elevators on the wings when first deployed, do the not?

Yes, they do, but not in IF!


On the A346 it seems to have that effect