Nose Down after Landing on XCub

I was at KTIW, making an almost perfect landing, I was almost at taxi speed when suddenly, the plane lunges forward and goes vertical into the ground, somewhat like it was in a nosedive. What happened?

What did I do wrong? @PlaneGeek and @BluePanda900 were there. I felt humiliated as I watched my plane flip over onto the runway.

Has this happened to anybody else?

I’m just confused.

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If you activate brakes while going at a high rate of speed, physics makes the cub flip over

Yes that’s happened to me, I prevent it by “tapping” the brakes so I don’t get too much forward motion.


Okay. I’m just getting used to this aircraft, so I don’t know everything there is about the plane.

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Most people are, so theres no reason to be upset or embarrassed :)
If you want more practice, you can always fly on solo!


Give it some pull on the stick and apply the brakes for 2 seconds before releasing them.

This will drop the tail and allow you to lose speed.

Another trick is configuring your weight so you’ve got lots of cargo at the back, a very heavy pax, etc.

AKA - Cheating 😂

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You have to use the braking mechanism from the rudder tab. Pull down on it to gradually slow down. The brake button engages parking brakes which will make you flip forward. You also need to pull back once you touch down to keep the tail down while you brake


This is an example on Solo mode.

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Well yes, but no. It’s completely allowed, but it’s a bit cheeky to have 3 pax when the cub can only carry 2 people.


It’s the pressure building up. When you land Pull yoke back then release the breaks 👍🏻

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I did this with my avgeek friend watching over my shoulder - he just laughed

Brakes on? You need to apply full backpressyre once you have stopped bouncing and your tail drops by itself, then apply brakes.

I am just saying what I found easier for me to land, Thank you for the clarification 👍🏻

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K, no problem.

Okay. Thank you, everybody, for your help.

Happend to me but I learned that you can’t go fast when your using the Break.

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