Nose details of the 777-300ER

Hello, the nose details of the 777-300 ER look very faint, this seriously reduces the aesthetic appearance of the plane, as you can see in the image below, the lines are very pale, I will add the reality of the image next to it so you can understand the difference…

I’m calling out to the developer team here, please fix this in the next update, thank you.



I don’t see an issue with the nose being faint, as I I’m sure the developers are working on much bigger things. However, that is quite interesting as I’ve never noticed it before.

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Honestly this is the attitude we need to change. Yeah, they probably have some bigger issues to fix and even more features to add, but like, after they add something the devs ditch the thing. The landing gear tilt is incorrect on the 777. Same with the tail animation. And this.


I think Seb summed this up well here: