Nose Degrees and V1

Hey just had a few questions!
I just watched the A330 tutorial on infinite flight and it talked about pitch and the nose degree how do you figure that out in the HUD and how do you guys usually calculate V1 and V2.

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Each horizontal line in the HUD indicates 5° (one line above level would be 5°, 2 lines = 10°, 3 lines = 15°, etc.)

This is a good topic for finding V1 & Rotation speeds:

in flight assisstant has V1

is that an app? I’m not familar with that or really any IF resources lol. I also fly in MSFS2020 so i have a plethora of resources there…so just curious for IF.

In flight assistant is an app, but it does cost money (around $5 if I recall correctly)

It provides V speeds for aircraft depending on your weight, flaps and gear callouts, speed callouts, etc.

More callouts and options are avaliable through in-app purchases as well (including altitude and terrain, passenger announcements, and runway callouts)

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Yeah search it up on the appstore/play store

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Thx for the help

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