Norwich Airport Sunset Spotting

More spotting by yours truly. This time it was at my (current) local, Norwich. I arrived late as there are no movements this time of year between about 10 and 4. I was using manual for the first time on my new camera, and some of them came out rather nice. As it was sunset, I wanted to focus more on the overall picture rather than the specific aircraft. Facing away from the sun had very poor lighting, so any close ups were rather rubbish, so I will not include them.

Note the aircraft lineup. There are some cool aircraft there including an Arik 737, presumably no longer operating for them as Norwich is a long way from Nigeria. It would be cool if people can have a look at some of the histories of these aircraft and post below.

Enjoy. As awlays, feel free to use but please give credit.



Nice photos you have there!


Great photos, love that KLM!

Long voyage for that KLM E175. Solid 30-35 minutes.

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Beautiful pictures, is it a passenger and logistics airport

It’s odd because there is also a Arik Air 737-800 sitting on the tarmac in O.R Tambo.

It’s odd because there is also a Arik Air 737-800 sitting on the tarmac in O.R Tambo.

@MishaCamp @jdag2004

From left to right, the aircraft are

TC-YAL, Ex BoraJet Embraer ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR)
Returned to lessor (unknown), wfu 24. Sep 2016, std at NWI 03. Oct 2016

No idea on that A321, can’t read the reg and extensive searches on Olympus Airways detail their aircraft as being stored at different airports

EI-WXA, Cityjet British Aerospace Avro RJ85
std at NWI 07. Aug 2016

I-BIXE, Alitalia Airbus A321-112
wfu and std at FCO 03. Sep 2014. std at NWI 12. May 2015

5N-MJA, Arik Air Boeing 737-322
std at NWI 01. Dec 2010.

P4-GIU, LAMIA (Venezuela) British Aerospace Avro RJ85
wfu and std at NWI 25. Aug 2010

If you want any further details, search up those registration numbers on


Rather random aircraft to be stored at a rather random airport


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