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Ok now i understand. Thanks, a bit weird comment but it’ ok now.

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We are pleased to announce that we now have over 25 Pilots! We are happy to be able to reach this number, and we can’t wait for 25 more!


Shall we Get more hubs?

It’s coming! We’re working on it on a separate database

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So Nice I love. Norwegian Virtual!!

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Check out this:

Brilliant idea, indeed 🛬🤓🛫

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Some of our Norwegian Virtual pilots are heading to Renton! As part of a test conducted by Norwegian Virtual to stress test the new 737 MAX software, Capt. Marcel and F/O Vincent are flying a group of 5 pilots to Renton to test the software to the max! We hope our pilots enjoy!

Want to join this type and other internal events going on? Sign up here!


Just submitted my application form, cannot wait to join!


Thanks for the like! Can I have a timeframe as to when I can join in?

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I can accept you once I get out of school in an hour.
Vincent, our chief of staff, may get to you but we’ll see
Dylan, our Chief Pilot, May get to it faster

I can guarantee you’ll be accepted within an hour though


Norwegian News

Welcome to the first edition of Norwegian News. We are proud to be a certified VA, and we feel like the community should be kept up to date with what is happening internally! These reports will be made monthly, and we hope you enjoy!

Our first and most promising update is that Norwegian Virtual is switching to a Crew Center. We are happy to be able to with with @Alan_S and @Artem_F’s platform to be able to put this together. We hope our pilots enjoy this!

Our second News comes from Oslo, where we recently saw the arrival of multiple aircraft leased to support our fleet! These include:

  • Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10 - the DC-10 will be used for cargo runs to supply the Northern areas of Norway which are inaccessible by vehicle. @Vdennis1, our Chief of Staff, has organized many charter flights for us to add on to the fun!

  • Cessna Caravan 208 - the Cessna will be used to help supply cargo to smaller villages which are inaccessible with the DC-10

  • Boeing 737-700BBJ - The BBJ will help Norwegian spread across the globe, and with the BBJ, we fed many charter flights, and the BBJ is also used to access the featured regions open by IFATC if Norwegian doesn’t fly there in real life!

  • Boeing 757-200 - while the 737 MAX series is grounded, Norwegian needs a replacement to fly the trans Atlantic routes flown by the MAX jet. Norwegian leased the 757 to fill in these gaps!

Not too long ago, @Captain_Adri has joined the Norwegian Virtual staff team as Flight Supervisor to provide support wherever needed! Recently, we also had our first pilot rank up to the highest seniority level, the Bjørn Kjos Honorary Member! That would be @Abbasbeloved. Congratulations, and here’s to another 100,000 miles!

We hope you enjoy this new series, and we hope to see you in the skies with us!