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It asks you to sign up into the Norwegian AirTable Database I think or something like that.


Okay. I’ll try to figure something out when I get the chance.


What a coincidence that Norwegian VA and LOT VA used the same layout for routes! :D

Also, congratulations on approval. I wish you all the best :)


As some of you may have noticed, we have a very different rank system because of the low diversity in rank possibilities. Because of this, we made a very weird rank system. Now, we have to rank system options so you can pick how you want to fly with us!

Private Pilot Program
Apprentice: 0-9:59 hours | Can fly the TBM-930
Private Pilot: 10-39:59 | Can fly the Cessna Citation X and the Bombardier CRJ-700
Commercial Pilot: 40-69:59 hours | Can fly the Norwegian 737-800
Commander: 70+ hours | Can fly the 787-9 and all aircraft in lower ranks

Cadet Program
0-9:59 hours | can fly the TBM-930
10-29:59 hours | First Officer on the 737
30-54:59 hours | Captain on the 737, gets a 1.2x flight time and mile multiplier
55-79:59 hours | First Officer on the 787
80+ hours | Captain on the 787, gets a 1.2x flight time and mile multiplier

We hope you enjoy these changes!


@BigBert10 I tried to figure something out, but I came up short. It seems like you’ll have to make an AirTable account or sign in using the link in the message.


Ok, I see it now and I want you to do one unfortunate thing:

  • Remove EGKK-KOAK (London-Oakland) and KOAK-EGKK (Oakland-London) from the routes database and replace KOAK with KSFO. So the new routes would be EGKK-KSFO (London-San Francisco) and KSFO-EGKK (San Francisco-London)

This is because starting from March 31, Norwegian will no longer be operating EGKK-KOAK and will be operating EGKK-KSFO instead
Good for Norwegian Virtual to get a headstart on that.
Basically, Oakland lost London and San Francisco will be getting an alternative to London Heathrow.

It hurts me saying this


Thank you for this information! We will keep this in mind when checking for seasonal routes or changes in routes at the end of each month!


No problem! :D
I just want to keep you guys updated on the routes :)

It really hurts that San Francisco is getting more attention but hey, I’m notifying you guys for realism! :D


@BigBert10 if you do still have issues with the route database not opening, let me know! It’ll help us improve.


Master…It is my honor to be a FO for the 787-9


Ok, I will let you know if I have any problems, but I used the link like you said and it worked perfectly. That was how I was able to get the information that you still have EGKK-KOAK and KOAK-EGKK and notify you about them transferring EGKK operations to KSFO.


Technically not a coincidence. Most of the VAs use airtable for routes, anyway ;)


I dont mean airtable, I mean the actual route structure


Our Inaugual Event has been announced! You can all sign up through the thread!


With Friday Night Flight being tomorrow, our pilots will be out and about flying around Hawaii! With flight times ranging from 0:30 to 11 hours for our featured routes, pilots have a lot of variety to choose from!

Want to join us? Sign up here!


As time comes, so do new features. Today, we introduced Routes of the week, which are flown to and from featured airports for the week. These bypass our hub and rank restriction, and there is always a lot of variation in the flight time and routes! We hope our pilots enjoy this!

Want to join us? Sign up here!


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