Norwegian Virtual | Cheap, Done Right! | New Rank Options!

After months of waiting, we’re proud to present the real Norwegian Virtual!

✅ We’re an IFVARB approved airline ✅

We are Norwegian Virtual
Cheap, Done Right!

Being a highly anticipated Virtual Airline, the time waited has definitely payed off. with many things that we can claim as special to us, we’re proud to be able to serve the IFC as the northernmost positioned VA in the community

A message from the CEO

As CEO of Norwegian Virtual, I am happy to be able to serve the IFC with this splendid VA. Having many very unique features, we are sure to impress any taste. Having a very pleasant experience flying Norwegian, I was motivated to start up this VA, and it is sure to impress!

Marcel Wiecek
CEO and Founder, Norwegian Virtual


Here at Norwegian Virtual, we offer many special features, ensuring you won’t be bored!
We offer many things, including: A Very Sophisticated Route System

Being a low-cost European airline, we offer many hubs possible for the pilots! You can see our whole route network here!

A Special Rank System

Our rank system is on somewhat of a type rating basis. You can start off in the corporate world before moving up to the true fleet, or you can start via a cadet program!

Private Pilot Program
Apprentice: 0-9:59 hours | Can fly the TBM-930
Private Pilot: 10-39:59 | Can fly the Cessna Citation X and the Bombardier CRJ-700
Commercial Pilot: 40-69:59 hours | Can fly the Norwegian 737-800
Commander: 70+ hours | Can fly the 787-9 and all aircraft in lower ranks

Cadet Program
0-9:59 hours | can fly the TBM-930
10-29:59 hours | First Officer on the 737
30-54:59 hours | Captain on the 737, gets a 1.2x flight time and mile multiplier
55-79:59 hours | First Officer on the 787
80+ hours | Captain on the 787, gets a 1.2x flight time and mile multiplier

A Unique Membership Program

Multiple levels, and will want you to push harder!

With four different levels of seniority, each next rank is better than the last, you the higher you get up the membership ranks, the more perks you get within the VA!

Our Mission Statement

What makes us unique is our route diversity available to the pilots. A short haul to essentially the edge of the Arctic Circle or a flight to South America, we have those and everything in between. Flying with us, you will never be bored by the possibilities! Our staff team is extremely skilled, helping and flying for over 10 Virtual Airlines accumulated, we came together to bring the best of all those airlines into one. This splendid team of staff will lead you toward perfection in your flying and ATC usage skills… Our bases in Scandinavia are something that Infinite Flight was yet to see. With the addition of Norwegian Virtual, this side of Europe is now served too.
We are proud to provide this with the high level of professionalism at Norwegian Virtual!

A Great Staff Team

Marcel Wiecek, CEO and Founder
Michael Long, Chief of Staff, co-founder
Vincent Dennis, Chief Pilot
Dylan Totten, Event Manager

Communications and Operations

Communcations - We communicate through the Slack app, which is a very user-friendly app, and is recommended by many other Virtual Airlines as well
Operations - Our operations are done through the AirTable app. Being another very user-friendly app, it is for sure a crew center that cannot fail to impress!


All applications processed today will be accepted by the end of today!


Awesome thread!!! Submitted my application so cant wait to join!

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Sounds fun! Not really sure how VAs work. Do you dictate flights and routes that pilots have to fly?

We have a slightly different approach as to how our pilots will be flying their routes, but once they do make it up to the actual Norwegian fleet, they will be flying true Norwegian routes flown in real life. Most of this is explained under the “operations” category on the website.


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I do think the only reason I will not join is because I must fly 40 hours in regional jets before I actually can fly a real plane


We considered the CRJ-700 to be a short-medium haul aircraft, and can easily fly 6+ hours. Working with the IFVARB, they pointed out an issue, which is that if we were to space out the hours less, pilots would be at max rank within about 40 hours of flying, which ruins the fun. You have a lot of versatility with a CRJ-700 in a private jet configuration


Welcome all new members! If you have applied today, your applications were all accepted!

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Now this looks awesome!

I was waiting sooo long for this VA to appear :)

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Very happy to bring this VA to Infinite Flight and the IFC! Hoping to have many amazing and successful events for you guys.

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If I do join, I’ll be doing the DEN routes like crazy…

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Great to hear. We definitely have a couple of those!

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Not exactly much cheaper than Ryanair, haha!
Very nice looking thread! We here at vRYR waiting for months too 👀

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Great to be a part of it! Keep up the great work


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What time would work best for the community for the Inaugural Event!

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Great VA! :D

One problem is that I can’t see your routes database AirTable
The link on the website just takes me to the main AirTable website


Great event for a great VA

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It is working fine for me, but I’ll take a closer look when I get home.

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For me 1600Z is best.

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Looking forward to join it!

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