Norwegian VA and Infinite Airways Joint Recruitment Event and Landing Competition - Postponed

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Carribean

Airport: TFFR

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Hey everyone! It’s your CHRO and Events Manager here from Norwegian Air Shuttle VA. This is our second event, and we’re gonna be doing a landing competition! Look below for more event details!

I’m gonna try and explain this as best as possible. So. What’s gonna happen, is we’re gonna start at TFFR, and then follow the flight plan to TNCM. Each pilot will be cleared for the option, and they are going to be trying to land as best as possible according to three guidelines:
Smoothness: How smooth can you land?
Centreline: How on centre are you?
Procedure: This one is the complicated one. We’re looking for how well you flare, if you idle the throttles, and other landing things like that. Basically, we’re looking for how realistically you can land, while still maintaining a smooth and centre landing.
After rolling a bit down Runway 10, take off again and contact approach. You’ll be put into a holding pattern, and then after everyone has done their landings you can return and do a full stop at TNCM!

The flight plan is as follows:

Please follow @edthomas123 and copy the flight plan from him. His callsign is NAX280. Don’t pass him, user ghosting may be enforced. Listen to all ATC instructions. TNCM Tower, TNCM Approach, TFFR Ground and Tower will all likely be open. If left to Unicom, please ensure proper behaviour. Comment down below if you’d like to reserve a gate, and remember, we can always add more if necessary! Also, please attend in a B737-800 wearing the Norwegian Livery!

Gate 5: @edthomas123
Gate 6: @Dashsolpher1
Gate 7: @RTG113
Gate 8: @Shawn_Coleman
Gate 9:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 12A:
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:

Hope you all want to join! Let’s keep going and get more people joining Norwegian! If you want to join Norwegian, go onto the website below:

Join Norwegian Virtual, the next step in Virtual Airlines.


I’d like to add that our partners, Infinite Airways, will be taking part in this event. If you want to join their VA, you can join at the link down below!


Cant wait… Im supper excited to see Norwegian Air Shuttle VA expand! I wish I could attend this! I love landing at TNCM!


I think I would like to join. Are we mandated to use a certain aircraft?


Don’t forget to sign me up 😋

(I’m the founder and president of infinite airways)


Yes. Forgot to mention it in the main post. Please be in a B737-800 wearing the Norwegian Livery


Hey can I join​ please


Or in an Infinite Airways “Generic Livery” B738


I would like to be there!
Can you tell me at what NY hour would it be?

@Everyone : I was told that this event has been postponed to next weekend! (Since this isn’t my post… Can a regular or mod change the post to postponed!)


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