Norwegian uses 737s on transatlantic routes!

Norwegian has been using their 737-800s for transatlantic routes between the U.K. ,Ireland (Edinburgh, Cork, Shannon, Dublin and Belfast) and the U.S. (Providence, Stewart, Bradley). They have also ordered the A321LR and Boeing 737 MAX8. So I would like to hear what your opinions are about Norwegian using narrowbody aircraft for transatlantic service!


It’s fine, as long as it has the capability of flying it’s given route, there should be no problem with flying on a single-aisle aircraft. Don’t forget the Boeing 757 is also single-aisle and lots of those cross the atlantic every day.


Well the 737 Max is going to be a replacement for the 757 which crosses the atlantic all the time. So this should be okay. As long as the engines keep turning, passengers won’t have to swim.


I am very offended joking xD
These cities are part of the republic of Ireland, not the UK.
Yeah, I am from Dublin.

Anyway, everytime I see an add of Norwegian airlines in Dublin, it says fly direct from dublin to boston, with a 737 beside the sentence.


I am sorry for offending you, it is now fixed.

I’m not a big fan of small planes doing transatlantic flights, if I fly to the US I’d be pissed flying with a B737

It’s the future, Transatlantic flights will be 777, 787, 737’s and the A350. It’s the future and it’s happening.


Did…did you just say Edinburgh is in Ireland!!


Personally, I think it’s fine. The aviation world is changing as we know it, and we have to adjust. In a couple of years, flying a 737 cross the atlantic, will be just as common as a 787 crossing it.

It is very interesting for an airline to take advantage of using the smaller airports in the area to cut out delays. I’ve seen the max too and it looks amazing I will add photos at some point soon.

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Don’t take it serious, it was a joke :)

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The 737-8 MAX fly’s from my local (Edinburgh) to Newburgh, Providence and Bradley. Always hear it flying around after taking off.

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And soon to be to Islip (ISP) Give or Take a year :)

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They’re not the first airline to fly 737s across the Atlantic. Westjet have been flying from St Johns to Glasgow and Halifax to Dublin with 737’s for quite a while.


I mean… Would you rather fly a 737 across the Atlantic, or fly a A318 (British Airways)

That’s what I was gonna say! Since we’re close to the city, and we have our own touristy things to do, and have a considerable amount of people living here that are part/even full Irish, and an expanding airport, I feel we’d be a perfect fit for them.

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Slow your T/O speed bro. Someone give me a link to where I can find that. I only heard of the MAX8.

That’s really cool that 737’s are flying transatlantic routes. The 737’s are one of the fastest and most successful envolvements I’ve know so far. I hope to ride one of these routes one day.


Yeah I might be riding a Norweigan 737MAX next week.

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Looks like I’ve got some routes to try this weekend… 😏

I’m all for it. If you’ve got the range and can keep the pax comfortable, why not gain an edge over your competitors by flying to places the big boys just can’t go.