Norwegian UK starts LGW-SIN

Low cost carrier Norwegian UK has started the worlds longest route operated by a low cost airline, 5877NM long and lasting 12 hours and 45 minutes. They kicked things off with a Singaporean themed celebration before the flight, operated by C-CJGI (789 with Carl von Linne on the tail).


(cannot confirm 100% Singaporean celebration, didn’t fling veggies in the air and rival the Singapore Airshow for noise levels)

Official Changi Airport video found here: Hallo Norwegian! - YouTube

I searched up the website, SIN-LGW-SIN for about SGD$650 all in so quite reasonable I guess for a LCC.

Personally I wouldn’t mind trying the route out, but from my experiences with long haul(-ish) LCCs like Scoot I can’t really spend 13h with nothing to do, even in a 787. Also, why Gatwick and not Heathrow?

Anyone braver than me to take up the flights?

EDIT: see this closed topic for slightly more in-depth background by @SingaporeAirlines here Low-cost airline Norwegian to start direct Singapore-London flights


Gatwick is cheaper than Heathrow.


I was thinking the same thing about @SingaporeAirlines
What is your opinion on that Singapore celebration @SingaporeAirlines?


Several reasons to explain

  • Gatwick’s slots are cheaper than Heathrow. And it’s easier to find a perfect slot at Gatwick compared to Heathrow with cheaper price as the slots in Gatwick are not limited like Heathrow. This is the reason why most LCCs are favouring Gatwick/Stansted than Heathrow
  • Gatwick is the hub/base of Norwegian UK.

Nice to have extra choice, but whenever I’ve looked at their final price, Norwegian have an annoying tendency to be about the same price as the established competitors.

So although Gatwick is 25 minutes from my front door, I will choose the 1 hour drive to Heathrow and fly with a proper airline instead.

Slash those prices on a consistent basis and I may be tempted though.


Jetstar (a low cost subsidiary airline of Qantas) a few years ago had plans to expand internationally. With 11 787-8 in their fleet already doing medium haul routes such as Sydney to Honolulu and Brisbane to Bali I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they opened new routes internationally. they already have orders for a320neos as well and more regular a320s

Qantas hasn’t actually confirmed if their A320neo orders will be for Jetstar yet ;)
Also they have opened new international routes to Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City. Not too sure what you’re talking about there…
Back on topic, this new route must be so exciting for Norwegian, especially with the 787. I never heard they had started a subsidiary in the UK 😬

LOLed so hard at this


Probably because gates slots availability, or lower landing taxes/costs. Plus Gatwick is also a mini hub for Norwegian.


And LGW is cheaper than LHR (hence why it’s popular with RYR and EZY), but has the facilities for long-haul.


If it really goes for S$650, that’s quite a steal. Qatar Airways have sometimes run promotions for SIN-DOH-LHR at S$850 return, but that’s quite rare TBH. The typical price for SIN-LHR (both non-stop or direct flights) are around S$1,100 to S$1,800 depending on time of year and ongoing promotions.

Given a choice of LCC @ S$800 (approx. price with some addons) vs full service carrier @ S$1.3k, I sure wouldn’t mind flying an LCC. That’s a cool 38% discount!

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I know jetstar flies internationally but i was mainly talking about Jetstar Australia. They fly to Denpasar and Honolulu.

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