Norwegian To Launch Paris CDG To Austin

Nice for Norwegian, still no Brussels tho, I would love to see Rednose’s in person.

I’ve always wondered why Austin had no service to Paris, even RDU has a service to Paris

Austin already has a good many flights to Europe, so to fly to an individual city like Paris, is probably harder because I’m sure passengers could just connect from AMS or London to Paris so obviously there’s a market for Paris.

Also I’m just putting out there, but I mean, Indianapolis is wide open guys. I’m sure there’s a market for at least a flight to London 😉 Im talking to you BA. But at this point I’ll settle for anyone.

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Even Indianapolis has Paris service on Delta, but don’t forget they’re closer to Paris than AUS.

However, RDU doesn’t have service to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Calgary, and Gatwick. RDU has no foreign carriers across the Atlantic while AUS has four.

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That sentence sounds so awesome to me 😎!

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