Norwegian Fjords

Flew through Norway recently and noticed the fjords were not rendered in 3D. The fjords are beautiful and I think rendering them in 3D would be an amazing addition to the game. Don’t you guys think so? Is the IF team working on this?

Do you mean they aren’t rendered in 15m Satellite imagery or they aren’t rendered like a building or an airport? The IF team won’t render specific areas just for someone’s personal taste… sorry. Maybe in the future?

Sadly there isn’t 3D scenery available to us or the developers. There just isn’t any source for the data needed to create them. This is explained better in this blog post.

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When you are over 60° north you can’t see any mountains because of problems to get the right elevations, I do also think this is really sad since I live in Northern Norway (jeg er fra norge)
I hope they will get those elevations soon so I can fly to my home airport in Tromsø and seeing the mountains


Rendered in 3D like a building. It’s not a personal taste thing, many mountainous areas in Europe were rendered beautifully in 3D, so I was surprised to see that the fjords were not. But yes, maybe in the future!!

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I also hope it will be added soon, at least you got the explanation for why there isn’t any at the moment :)


Having more detailed scenery for Norway (if it were possible) would be awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time working across there, and sailing through the fjords - simply stunning part of the world.

I did think about starting a Widerøe VA, which would have been more appealing if the scenery was more detailed, but I understand the limitations the developers have to work with.


Mountains in Europe weren’t rendered in 3D, they were under the same 15m Satellite imagery as the other areas. It seems like they’re rendered as they are three-dimensional off the surface, it’s just what they are in real life! :)

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