Norwegian Ends ALL Long Haul Operations & Retires 787

Norwegian is retiring it because of money. They don’t have enough money due to COVID so sadly this plane will no longer fly in the Rednose livery.

Ok I understand now

That’s not why, the article says that demand has gone down significantly, so flying long-hauls from Europe just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Norwegian’s entire Boeing 787-9 long haul fleet has been grounded since March 2020, due to travel restrictions, along with the general decline in demand. With future demand remaining highly uncertain, the company believes that a long haul network is no longer viable.

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Not every airline’s problems is because of bankruptcy. 🙂

OK well they are doing it so they don’t go bankrupt.

Went: past tense. If they want to get back in the air anytime soon, route cuts are the most viable option.

But Norwegian was struggling financially even before the pandemic?!?

Understood. And?

They’re cutting routes so they can stay afloat. Not all routes are being cut, it’s just that most of them are their long hauls.

One of the newer aircrafts out there… man thats sad

Not all routes are being cut yes, but the long haul ones are the first to see the axe and I will be genuinely surprised if this is not the beginning of the end for Norwegian :(

Even though it may feel like this is the beginning of the end for Norwegian as they are cutting profitable long-hauls, which has turned into a costly service during Covid, I do not believe this will be the downfall of Norwegian despite the cuts, and despite the economic struggles they are through during Covid as of now and the pre-Covid economic struggles that often times made it to the news as the headlines back then said; “Is Norwegian Air Close to Bankruptcy? — The Air Reporting Losses and Investors Fleeing!”.

There’s one hope in cutting the long hauls, that is the short hauls will save it from any further drawbacks in the market. Ticket booking for flights from Northern Europe to Southern parts of Europe for the Summer and Winter (Holiday) Season of 2021 is higher than expected with more bookings than 2020. The Covid vaccine has put some rather confidence and trust in people to start flying again at a bit higher pace than before, although no where near booking numbers as 2019, still more than the amount of people that flew in 2020, during the same period.

People will definitely after being quarantined for a year want to start traveling again, as Summer rolls in, with the hope that the vaccines will prove worthy people are taking the chance in the risk to begin flying outside their nation’s borders. So in that sense 2021 may as well be the beginning in the beginning of a new start for Norwegian, as they slowly begin to expand once again.

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Can’t say I’m surprised, the Low Cost Long Haul option is like survival of the fittest- if even that perfectly describes it. JFK used to receive the 787s from MAD, AMS, LGW, OSL, BCN, CDG, and FCO. Quite the network is you ask me. Gonna miss the Rednose callsign though

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Read it earlier in
Good bye to the long haul flights of Norwegian from Gatwick to Ezeiza.

Good. That interior looks hideous. 🤮

Funny story, I had flights from MCO-LGW booked with them but I think that trip was getting cancelled anyways but oh well.

Is this the back story of the 787F. Because if it is im all for it

Another loss for DEN. This year, Norwegian was going to start DEN-FCO and expand out of DEN, and a return of their service to Paris/Gatwick from DEN. Shame to see their 787 go!

Not necessarily. They have focused on capturing demand on busy routes operated by a lot of airlines (example: London (gatwick) to New York (Newark)) and that may work for a full service airline, but for LHLC (Long Haul Low Cost) ones it isn’t the best strategy, because there might be a lot of demand, but if all goes to a competitor, the airline will suffer. So the best startegy for LHLC airlines is to go for touristic destinations with no or almost no competition, because they can CREATE DEMAND rather that FINDING DEMAND. They can do this because by pricing tickets so low on long haul flights, people who didn’t even think of fly somewhere might choose to do so, therefore creating demand.
EDIT: This is what normal low cost airlines have been doing for decades. For example, Europe’s busiest route (by seat capacity pre-covid) is Madrid-Barcelona and the largest European low cost airline is Ryanair, but they don’t operate this route because it has a lot of competition and wouldn’t be profitable.
In conclusion, Norwegian could have saved their long haul flights by restructuring them while returning to pre-covid demand (it is a golden oportunity for airlines to remake their schedules)


Tbh not surprised to see Norwegian give up their 787s since it was starting to become unsustainable. But really curious and interested into whats gonna happen to 787s. Think some of aircraft are going to be brought up by airlines. My guess United Airlines, Air New Zealand to replace 777-200s due to their age, less efficient for airlines right now and cost more. Qantas could be another airline since they’ve had to let go of their 747s and they might let go some A380s.

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NOoooo, not the Norwegian Boeing 787. That is a nice aircraft. Why retire them, that’s not fair

not a great airline to be honest. sad to see 787 pilots losing their jobs and cabin crew.

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