Norwegian Boeing B787-8

Add this plane would be crazy, represented even more the Norwegian Company, discover new horizon with this aircraft filled with technology, go even further.

We already have the Norwegian B787-9 so i dont think its worth the effort…


I agree. Nice idea but we dont need it on both the -8 and the -9. (However somehow we have the United livery on the -9 AND the -10, and the same thing with British Airways)

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Agreed with the two above. No need for the -8 and -9 of the same aircraft. It can happen though, just unlikely!

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I’m not okay with you three, every liveries if worth it.


Dude relax. People are entitled to share their their own opinions. If they don’t like it, then don’t bother with replying back, “I am not ok with you guys.” It is ok if you think every livery is worth it, but it really to isn’t worth the time to be upset and go at some people because they don’t like it. If it comes in the game then it comes in the game.

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I know this livery on the 787-8 has a different person on the tail, however there is already a feature request for the Norwegian 787-8 with Sonja Henie currently with 6 votes. I might advise voting for the one below since it already has some votes.


I say that we call it a day and put @schyllberg on the tail ;)

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This would be nice to have for the 787-8, I like the 788 more then 789 and 10.

See the topic linked by my partner in crime, @Moosehead08. Thanks!