Norwegian Boeing 787 Reviews

I think that’s how most 787’s are. I know that ANA isn’t, but I am flying an Air Canada and United 787 to Tokyo and they are both 9 abreast. I know that Air New Zealand, LOT, and Aeromexico are all 9 abreast too.

Almost all airlines chose 9-abreast over 8-abreast, sacrificing seat with down to about 17 inches because it offered an increase in seat capacity and had better CASM… IIRC JAL and ANA are the 2 airlines left offering 8-abreast seating, which was the original design plan for the 787 (although apparently NH may switch to 9-abreast in the future).

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Some NH 787s have 9 abreast

le gasp Their plan is ahead of schedule… what will we do?! At least JAL is committed to 8-abreast 787s…

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