Norwegian Boeing 787-9

(my moms photo) I would like to see the Norwegian livery on the 787. This 787 was the 400th built


Great Plane! We need that livery.

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I would prefer it on the 787-8, since it’s more iconic, but i love the livery.

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Yea I agree, they both need it. :)

This is a really nice livery!

The Norwegian 787 is by far my favorite 787

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I like the Norwegian livery, I expect to see this in the new 787-9


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One of my favorites did you take this a KFLL

No. I took it on its first flight to mco.

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I thought your mom took it?

Well I was taking pictures of it too but that particular photo was taken by my mom.

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This would look amazing in IF

Now that the 787-9 is confirmed, I would like to see this livery! Specially that one!

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Looks awesome!

We most need this :)

Yes my baby

it better be on the -8 as well

#oakland πŸ˜‚

Why Oakland???