Norwegian Boeing 737

I’ve been flying the Norwegian Boeing 737 for a long time, and I wonder why IF didn’t change the registration of the aircraft
LN-NOC is no longer in use for Norwegian so I wondered why they didn’t change it when they did the rework of the 737

This needs to be in #features

The 737s received a soft rework. Not so much a ground up rebuild per say.

No it doesn’t. It’s just an inquiry from @Jens_Severin ;)

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Also the whole of Norwegians 737 fleet has WiFi onboard, but the WiFi thing also isn’t there🤔

Just to elaborate more, the developers enhanced some things with the 737 series. Have a look below at what was done a few months ago :)


Also, just in case you were having trouble finding different 737 feature requests I’ve sent them over in a PM. Cheers