Norwegian Boeing 737-300

They have 3 (?) of these.


It’s funny that there’s nothing on the tail. Most Norwegian planes have some famous guy on it.

That’s true. The 788’s don’t have any also I think.

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Yes, they do. I Googled it and all the pictures had it.

Norwegian don’t have the people in the tail when they are “Norwegian”. When its “Norwegian Shuttle” they do.

Well, a few 787s don’t have it.

Please tell me what the difference is.

Two different subsidies of Norwegian. Its like American Eagle And American Airlines as far as I am aware

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So… like Norwegian along with Long Haul? Because that rule doesn’t apply there.

I am not sure. I know they just operate differently, but I don’t know if there are different owners or maybe different CEOs… not sure

I like this!

Canine anatomy, I just can’t look at this livery without laughing a bit.

Norwegian Air Shuttle founded Norwegian Air International and Norwegian Long-Haul, because Norway is not a part of the EU and Norway has only an Open-Skies-Thing with the EU. That’s why they founded subsidaries in Ireland and the UK. It’s just about employmemt-laws and aviation rights…

I hope you understand what I mean.


Nice Like it!

It has no face on the tail 😭

Still amazing though! 😁

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I didn’t notice that lol

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Looks like a leased aircraft without the personalities on its tail.