Norwegian Airlines Will Not Return The 737MAX To Service

While MAX’s are more efficient and are capable to longer range, Norwegian does not have the financial resources to train their pilots into flying them at the moment. Plus another thing is that there are still quite a bit of people who fear the MAX (not saying that it would have any incredible impact, but it could).

That stinks! Does this mean no more transcontinental flying? PVD, SWF, etc.

Don’t get mad at me as I haven’t really been keeping up with this…

Yikes, it definitely starts to feel like a death spiral when an airline is shedding fleet types like there is no tomorrow. Especially when the cost of pilot training is being given as a reason why they can’t keep them 😬😬

They dropped most of those routes months ago, think even before Covid just because demand wasn’t there. When the MAX’s got grounded I know they were leasing a A330 (from I think Evelop?) to do the SWF flights, before cancelling it all together.

The NG’s can still do it (they used -800s to PVD before) but they’ll need to block a row or 2 for at least the westbound leg. Don’t expect the routes to come back anyway with their financial situation

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I do see this as the beginning of Norwegian centralising its operations around Europe. If they really needed to resume the long and thin routes between Scotland and North East USA, they would happily take the MAX. Wise move, but I hope it’s temporary.

It was WAMOS air for the A330 (I think that’s how you spell it)

Norwegian has used Wamos before (they use to fly Wamos 330s and 747s to JFK for a bit) but just double checked, and the SWF flights were Evelop 330s

Really? I see WAMOS when I search it up

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Well there go the stocks…

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Interesting, Norwegian also has 92 Maxes on order that have yet to be cancelled…

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No! This is bad, will they turn their heads towards the a220?

No, they are just gonna stick with the 738, they said they are “Streamlining Operations” Adding another type from another Manufactuer is not gonna help in one bit

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I doubt that, they have a bunch of A320neos and A321LRs on order too and they want to keep with the 738.

In all honesty as well, I feel it would make more sense for them to keep the MAX orders over the NEO, commonality and all of that. However, we will see what they do

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Relating to this Article, although they have not cancelled the Boeing orders they did cancel all of their Airbus Orders, paying them $850,000 as of today

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Yes I saw that earlier today

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