Norwegian Airlines will end transatlantic trips over Boeing 737 MAX grounding

As I’m sure you all of you know, the B737 Max 8 has been grounded for quite some time now. Norwegian Airlines said on Tuesday that it will end transatlantic trips from two U.S. and one Canadian cities in September as the jet continues to stay grounded.

The decision will end the flights from Stewart, N.Y., Providence, R.I., and Hamilton, Ontario, to Dublin.

The last flights will leave the U.S. airports on September 14 and land in Dublin on Sept. 15.

Matthew Robert Wood, the airline’s senior vice president of commercial long-haul and new markets, said in a company statement ; “Since March, we have tirelessly sought to minimize the impact on our customers by hiring, so called wetleasing, replacement aircraft to operate services between North America and Ireland. However, as the return to service date for the 737 MAX remains uncertain, this solution is unsustainable,”

Norwegian had previously cut nonstop flights to Cork and Shannon in March, over the 737 Max’s grounding.

I personally think it’s sad. Norwegian transatlantics were great for people in Ireland. Especially for Cork, which for those of you who don’t know is around a two hour drive from Dublin. Sorry Cork.

Let me know what you all think.


Wow this is unfortunate as I fly Norwegian quite often. Thanks for letting us know! 👍

I have heard they used to make cheap flights to the US. It’s an unfortunate truth to happen with the Boeing 737 MAX.

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Yeah it just wasn’t feasable to keep pouring money into a market that’s already very dominant in Dublin.

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Knew this was coming eventually. This’ll mark the end of their intra-North America network.

So far, with the MAX groundings, 787 engine issues, multiple aircraft charters, and route network cuts, the future is not looking so bright for Norwegian.


Norwegian taking huge L’s it’ll be a shame not to see them at JFK anymore

Ermmm, i belive norwegian fly to la guardia an not John F Kennedy, cause it’s less expensive for them.

corect me if im wrong

pretty sad. Norwegian has had so many problems over the last couple of months

Not true, they fly to JFK and SWF (they might fly to EWR but I can’t remember if they do or not). LGA has range restrictions making it next to impossible for Norwegian to fly transatlantic from there.

Okay, thanks for the information

Well RIP I saw the B737-800 making a transatlantic flight a while back a good sight to see a plane going so far but this is sad news here’s a pic of the flight right now

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