Norwegian Airlines Tail Art People

Hey everyone my request today is Aboute the Tail Art of different people in Norwegian Airlines. I have thinked that we can choose Which Tail Art of different people we will have in the flight.

I have thinked that we can choose which Tail logo below there the Airline is named.


That is total 62 Tail Art in real life.
I hope we can do this in the Future.

BTW The pictures are 3 in one Picture don’t understand me and close or send How to Use this Category please.

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Thank you so much for requesting this I have in many years wondered how to request this in the right way LN-NOC does not exist anymore so new tail heros wouldn’t hurt btw the in game plane is registered LN-DYB ont LN-NOC I really hoped that the devs would fix that I even requested it but no progress was made unfortunately

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Hey thanks for voting

Yep!! Nice request!!
One vote from me!

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bump! this should be added

We hope this can be Addet in future update ❤️

Very great idea with all honesty! It will give diversity to events based in Norway!!

You got a vote from me!

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Let’s make this future request come to infinite flight
And make this active ✨❤️

I would like to see these!

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