Norwegian Airlines Flight. KMIA-GCLP

Hello my favorite Airlines is Norwegian Airlines so i have flying today from Miami to Las palmas.

Picture one: Map of the flight today:

Picture two: The plane are Approaching Las palmas:

Picture three: little bit closer to the AirPort:

That was the pictures from my flight!
The reason I didn’t get a picture with landing is that I concentrated that way. But I have a video !! It comes out on my youtube channel.


The reason I had a lot up and down on the final is that I pulled up the iPad after I had calibrated the plane and on touch down so had a bit too much speed I feel.

Do you understand?

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Wauw, give him a break. He just wanted to show us his photo’s.
Many people are still learning, and yes i know you just want to tell him. But come on, dont write a full book about his mistakes.


Wow beautiful picture 👍

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Very nice scenery!!!

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It is not everyone who knows the rules of aviation so we try to help so that the person does not make the same mistake next time, I detail every explanation I could give about the flight.

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I understood😉😉😉😉

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